Oct 20, 2018
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Environmental Biotechnology – Theory and Application by Gareth G. Evans

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Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Applications,2nd Edition is designed to draw together themicroscopic, functional level and the macroscopic, practicalapplications of biotechnology and to explain how the two relatewithin an environmental context. It presents the practicalbiological approaches currently employed to address environmentalproblems and provides the reader with a working knowledge of thescience that underpins them. Biotechnology has now become arealistic alternative to many established approaches formanufacturing, land remediation, pollution control and wastemanagement and is therefore an essential aspect of environmentalstudies. Fully updated to reflect new developments in the field andwith numerous new case studies throughout this edition will beessential reading for undergraduates and masters students takingmodules in Biotechnology or Pollution Control as part ofEnvironmental Science, Environmental Management or EnvironmentalBiology programmes.

Quote from the first edition:

“There is no doubt that this book will be one of inspiration forall professionals in the field. It is a very good framework forunderstanding the complex nature of processes and technology and assuch it will be useful for researchers, practitioners and otherparties who need a working knowledge of this fascinatingsubject.”
—Professor Bjorn Jensen, Chairman of the EuropeanFederation of Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology sectionand Research and Innovation Director, DHI Water and Environment

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