Oct 12, 2018
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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Published in the year 2012, Gone Girl is a thriller novel that revolves around the lives of a young couple and the problems they face in their married life.

Summary Of The Book

The protagonists of Gone Girl are a young couple, Nick and Amy. Nick used to work as a journalist, till he lost his job. Due to the lack of income, the couple shifted their residence from New York to Nick’s hometown of Carthage. He decides to open a bar with the money from Amy’s trust fund, and works along with his twin sister, Margo. Although the three make a decent income from the bar, the couple lead a discontent life in the small town, as Amy misses New York City.

As the story goes on, Amy suddenly goes missing. Nick is the only suspect for the police as he utilized her money to start the bar, lacked emotion on camera, and increased Amy’s life insurance. In the first half of this book, Amy and Nick talk about each other, providing contradicting views, which leave the readers in a state of suspense. In the other half of this novel, the readers come to know certain secrets about Nick and Amy. Nick has been carrying on an affair, while Amy desires to get Nick into trouble with the police by hiding from him, and making him a suspect for her so-called death.

However, Amy finds herself in a big mess too. She gets robbed by certain guests of a motel. Will Amy make it through this serious mess and reunite with Nick? This book answers these questions and more. Gone Girl was greatly appreciated by its readers, especially in the United States. This book was also in the New York Times Bestseller list in the year 2012 and was number 1 for 8 weeks. The book is to be adapted into a movie produced by 20th Century Fox, starring Reese Witherspoon.

About Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn is a well-known author from the United States of America. Apart from this book, Flynn has also written two other books titled Sharp Objects and Dark Places.

Flynn grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. Following that, she finished her Master’s degree from Northwestern University. The initial two novels published by Flynn had received praise from renowned writers such as Stephen King. Prior to becoming an author, she served as a television critic for Entertainment Weekly. She also won two Dagger Awards for her novel Sharp Objects. Her novels are sold in 28 countries. Her other book, Dark Places, was in the New York Times Bestseller list in 2009, and in other lists such as Chicago Tribune Favorite Fiction and New Yorker Reviewers’ Favorite. Flynn currently resides in Chicago, along with her spouse and son.


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