Oct 19, 2018
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Space Warfare and Defense: A Historical Encyclopedia and Research Guide by Bert Chapman

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This timely resource provides a history of the development of space weapons and warfare strategies and a comprehensive reference guide to the growing literature on the subject.

• Over 375 alphabetically organized entries covering all aspects of military space initiatives, such as New World Vistas, the Air Force Counterspace Operations Doctrine, Project Corona, the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, space-based infrared systems, and much more

• An exhaustive reference guide to current and historical literature on U.S., Russian, Chinese, and European military space policy and programs―an unprecedented resource for further study

• A detailed chronology of key events in the military development of space, from Eisenhower’s approval of the “U.S. Policy on Outer Space” to China’s recent launch of a military photoreconnaissance satellite

• A full glossary of terms and acronyms essential to the understanding of military space policies and technologies

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