Oct 22, 2018
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Using the Internet Safely For Seniors

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The Internet is amazing, but the risks you’ve heard about arereal, too. You can avoid being a victim of online crime with thesimple steps for staying safe online that you’ll find inUsing the Internet Safely For Seniors For Dummies.

Here’s the guide you need to steer safely through thehazards so you can shop, visit, invest, explore, pay bills, and dodozens of other things online — more securely. Learn toprotect yourself from online predators, create strong passwords,find reliable information, spot e-mail and phishing scams, and muchmore.

  • Find out how to share photos and videos, chat with others, andparticipate in online discussions—securely
  • See how, with strong passwords and reasonable caution, onlinebanking and bill-paying might be safer than the old way
  • Learn to install and set up a browser, use search engineseffectively, and sidestep suspicious ads
  • Discover how personal information is collected and used bylegitimate companies — and by crooks
  • Be able to spot risks, find out how online criminals think, andknow what makes you vulnerable
  • Enjoy social networking sites without putting yourself atrisk
  • Spot reputable healthcare sites and avoid medical ID theft andscams

There’s even a glossary of common computer terms and aguide to your rights when using the Internet. Using the InternetSafely For Seniors For Dummies helps you feel more secure byshowing you how to protect yourself while enjoying the Web.

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