Nov 3, 2018
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Web Development with jQuery by Richard York

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Web Development with jQuery offers a major update to the popular Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery from 2009. More than half of the content is new or updated, and reflects recent innovations with regard to mobile applications, jQuery mobile, and the spectrum of associated plugins.

Readers can expect thorough revisions with expanded coverage of events, CSS, AJAX, animation, and drag and drop. New chapters bring developers up to date on popular features like jQuery UI, navigation, tables, interactive capabilities, and audio and video. The book focuses on the new features of jQuery that improve performance and speed, providing huge advantages over traditional JavaScript.

  • Offers new and revised content throughout the book, which focuses on the most recent features and capabilities of jQuery
  • Serves as an essential instructional tool for web developers with JavaScript and CSS knowledge who want to learn more
  • Advises readers on how to best use jQuery’s powerful, easy-to-use features to create dynamic web pages and web applications

This resource provides a deep understanding of jQuery and sets readers up for successful interactions with all it has to offer.

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